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THE ART #to find your own style

»Style is when others say you have it.«
Judith Clara  

Kunstwerk von Judith Clara mit Motiv Frau mit Blume


 »You really have a great style. When I see this sentence in the comment field of a post on my Instagram post, I am very happy about the compliment. And at the same time I think of people who often seem unsure about their style. And then they ask me what they can do to find it: their very own style..

I worry a lot and know one thing for sure:

Everyone has their own style.
It's next to impossible to be without style.

Basically, it's not a question of whether you have your own style, but how you make it visible. Because only when your type of line management differs from others through a consistent peculiarity, it is recognizable: your own style.


You can be absolutely sure that you have your own style. There is no one who is without style. The question is rather: How does your style reveal itself? It is important to find out what exactly is your own ART in the bottom line. What exactly is your way of expression. 

Kunstwerk von Judith Clara mit Motiv La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin

Good and bad style

Style is style. It is not even possible to give a rating. Imagine just drawing noses all day. Then some people may refer to this as bad style. That is far from the truth. From me you will hear exactly the opposite: Keep up the good work, this is how you will be good. Focus on one thing that you want to draw.

No taste in the world says anything about your style. He is neither good nor bad. He is special. Once you find your own style, you will know.

Style falls from the sky?

In my long years of art, I have noticed how little falls from the sky in art. On the contrary: Behind a magnificent picture there is a lot of repetition, a lot of going on, a lot of perseverance, a lot of it-it-is-not-yet, how-I-see-it-in-my-heart.

When you draw ONE LINE ART, ideally you are in your own swing with the line. You bring your special view of the guidance of your line on the paper. Style only emerges when your strongest views are reflected in a particular swing.

ONE LINE ART Kunstwerk von Judith Clara I Frau liegt

There is only one way to find you and your strong views:
The repetition.
This means:
Draw, draw, draw!

At some point you will see a clear line that cannot help but show itself in precisely this momentum.

And no matter how often you later put a shape on the paper, very specific elements, a special type of line, a return in the motif, a mixture of everything Voila: there it is: your style..


How did my style come to me?

When I see my drawings from my beginner years, some of them seem very strange to me. My current lines and the special type of my swing have grown through a lot of repetitions, new beginnings, revisions and ultimately through a lot of practice. 

The point at which I knew: now I have found my style was when people around me saw it very clearly. When I heard more and more what an unmistakable style I show in my drawings, I was finally able to see it too: my style.. 


Bild von Judith Clara mit weissem Pullover


To this day I have my own style in theONE LINE ART familiar like a soul mate. Every now and then there are times when I add small, different style elements. But no matter where the style journey takes me, I've found my true home in style.

So it is with style. Once he can be seen by your side, he will remain your loyal companion. Just a love for life.



P.S .: How is it with you Do you see it the same way Is your style already at your side Write me a little comment. I'm looking forward!ch!


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