One line art! A line drawn continuously on paper
– absolutely without stopping.
For me this is one line art.
Zeichnung von einer Frau im Stil One Line Art

Sounds simple. But the line in one stroke is much more than that. It is forwards, backwards, straight, curved, crooked, light, dark. Everything is just not a simple line..

Not breaking the line is essential for me. This is the only way to create the right flow in the line. Only then does the fascination arise when looking at it and the urgent need to understand the beginning and end of the line with the eyes.

The creation of ONE LINE ART

In the beginning, One Line Art should only train the art of drawing. Especially for beginners, the art form of the simple line in one go was an easy exercise to create shapes on paper.

Art without airs

One Line Art is now an art form in its own right and is finding more and more fans. One Line Art is wonderfully simple and unpretentious. Therefore, this art form is a great gift for anyone who deals with creativity and design on paper.

Minimalism in its purest form

The reduced brushstroke separates everything superfluous from the essential. Relaxation in its purest form: One Line Art simply does not require any further addition. As soon as the work has made its statement, it is completed without any further action. It is precisely this simple attitude that sets me free.

As a minimalist, I live very happily by leaving out everything that is inessential. I only choose what I really need. In my art, One Line Art is therefore a logical consequence that naturally arises from my way of life. 


Art and rules, is that possible Isn't art one of the few islands without any rules? Yes, that's how I see art. And that's exactly why I find my point of view on this question: Art is allowed to set up everything, why not also set its own rules!?! 

Right from the start of my art, I allow myself not to follow any general rules. On the contrary: I quite simply formulate my own rules and happily follow my view of the work of my art.

How does One Line Art work?

The real requirement is: leave the pen on the paper until you are done with your shape. Basically, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen to get started. The rest is free style. And courage!

You absolutely need courage. As soon as you put on the pencil, boldly let go and live with degrading your pure white, beautiful paper to a sketch sheet within a few seconds, should you not like your line.

One Line Art lives mainly from courage. In contrast to a constant revision when painting paintings on a canvas, One Line Art only lives from the one concentrated moment in which it is made. That's what makes them so special.




My tips for you!

If you want to try One Line Art, these rules will be helpful for youh  

Judith Clara sitzt und zeichnet One Line Art

# In one line

Put the pencil on and guide it until your picture is finished. No matter how thick or thin your line is in the course of the drawing and no matter how absurd the drawing may look or whether it corresponds to your imagination, the following applies: There is not a single interruption.


# Courage to take the fast line

Get started and go into your line with real momentum. The more you dare, the more dynamism and swing you can see in your line. Especially the line in one swing makes your work self-confident. This strength is visible in the later contemplation of your line.


# Find your own style

Over time you will find your own style. You recognize your own patterns of how you like to represent recurring shapes, such as a hand or a face. Your very own One Line Art is created.


# Leave your eraser in the drawer  

My absolute golden rule. Everything that is allowed to be. Let go of perfection and control. On the contrary: let yourself fall into the moment of the stroke. You do not have to do anything. Every moment can be put on paper as it comes. It's like a little school of life: nothing is ever perfect and never can be. Only imperfection is beauty. Because she doesn't pretend to be. Because she is lovable the way she is.


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