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Special No. 2 ♥ HIDDEN GAME

Special No. 2 ♥ HIDDEN GAME

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 2 HIDDEN GAME shows a woman with a wide hat. She is holding a lit cigarette in her left hand. The minimalist work of art in One Line Art can be combined very well with the other special editions.


Special Edition No. 2 HIDDEN PLAY is a diva. She knows exactly what she wants. Her whole attitude makes it immediately clear: You have to reckon with me. This flirtatious work is one of my special editionss. Here you can find my favourite works of art combined in one section. Special No. 2 VERSTECKSPIEL goes very well with the other special editions. Mostly anyway ☺ Welcome!


Special No. 2 ♥ HIDDEN PLAY loves the big show


They exist, these sophisticated and glamorous women who capture everyone's attention as soon as they enter the room. Nobody really knows how to do it, but everyone knows immediately: Attention, here comes the diva and her big performance. In the first row, she shows that she allows herself to do exactly what she enjoys. If she's in the mood for a game of hide and seek, she briefly explains the rules and she's gone.


Clear bidding


Special Edition No. 2 HIDDEN GAME clearly sets the tone. This work of art works well in places that can handle clear bidding. If you want to get to the heart of some things in your life, No. 2 is a good ally for you. She asks you what you need. She bids you to keep an eye on your needs. But also, she bids you to enforce them. Completely relaxed and without haste. Just with the natural elegance of a diva.


Be a Diva Today!


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