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Special No. 20 ♥ DANCER

Special No. 20 dancerby JUDITH CLARA shows a woman with a red hair bun, from behind, in a ballet pose. This filigree minimalist work of art inOne line art can be easily combined with the othersSpecial offers on canvas from this edition.

Special No. 20   DANCER does very well in any place in your home that you want to connect with ease and the filigree nature of a dancer. Special No. 20 DANCER is one of the specials by JUDITH CLARA. Only the most popular works of art by JUDITH CLARA make it into this category. Special No. 20♥ DANCER did it: She floats lightly to her seat in the first row. Welcome!

Of all dances in the world, ballet is the dance that stands for grace and filigree elegance. And for discipline and strength. These pillars form the basis for a graceful and feather-light-looking ballet dance.

coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick

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30x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 45x60 cm, 60x90 cm

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Special No. 20 DANCER shows a straight posture in her ballet pose. She looks like she's keeping her balance playing. Their grace and filigree appearance remind us of how beautiful a special posture makes us. Even if we sometimes have to mobilize a lot of strength to show this one perfect state: For this one moment of beauty it was worth it.

Special No. 20 DANCER reminds us of our own filigree side. Beauty and grace need a small place in life. There is a ballerina in every woman. It is not always there, but when it flashes, it cannot be overlooked. It’s a bit like magic then. Sometimes it's just a little way to tilt your head. And sometimes it's a long dance.

Be a ballerina today!