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Special No. 20 ♥ DANCER

Special No. 20 ♥ DANCER


JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 20 ♥ DANCER shows a woman in a ballet pose from behind, her red hair in a bun. This delicate minimalist work of art in One Line Art can be easily combined with the other Special Editions.


Of all the dance forms in the world, ballet is the one that stands for grace and filigree elegance. And for discipline and strength. These pillars form the basis for a graceful dance which seems light as a feather.


Special Edition No. 20 ♥ DANCER does very well in any place in your home that you want to infuse with ease and the delicate nature of a dancer. Only my favourite pieces become Special Editons. Special Edition No. 20 ♥ DANCER managed to: She floated lightly to her seat in the first row. Welcome!


Special Edition No. 20 ♥ DANCER


Special Edition No. 20 DANCER demonstrates a straight posture in her ballet pose. She looks like she's playfully keeping her balance. Her grace and delicate appearance remind us of how beautiful a special posture makes us. Even if we sometimes have to harnass a lot of strength to display this one perfect state, it is worth it for this one moment of beauty.




Special No. 20 DANCER reminds us of our own delicate nature. Beauty and grace need a small place in our lives. There is a ballerina in every woman. She is not always there, but when she emerges, she cannot be ignored. It’s a bit like magic then. Sometimes it's just a subtle mannerism like tilting your head. And sometimes it's a long dance.


Be a ballerina today!


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