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Special No. 4 ♥ BADENIXE

Special No. 4 ♥ BADENIXE

Special Edition No. 4 ♥ BADENIXE


JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 4 BADENIXE shows a woman with a wide summer hat, sitting with both legs bent to the side. This minimalist work of art in One Line Art goes very well with my other favourite works of art in the specials.


Special No. 4 BADENIXE is exactly where she wants to be - with herself. Her look is relaxed, and she enjoys the feeling of sun on her skin. Life is wonderfully easy and full of possibilities.


Ba de nixe

[young] female person in swimwear

(Definition German dictionary)


The description of the BADENIXE in the German dictionary gets to the point. But then again, not really. A BADENIXE is more than a female person in swimwear. She is THE female person in swimwear. A real bathing mermaid is an apparition on the beach. And that's only because she feels like a bathing mermaid. Strong, beautiful, and facing the sun.

Dolce far niente


If Special Edition No. 4 had a godmother, the choice would immediately fall on Sophia Loren. She is the perfect bathing beauty. In the film Houseboat, she shows what life as a bathing mermaid should be like: casual, with a lot of feminine charm and without limits. Sophia gets Cary Grant on board without giving him the slightest chance.

Special Edition No. 4 BADENIXE is certain: Everybody needs an extra-large portion of dolce far niente in their life every now and then. Bring No. 4 BADENIXE in your home and celebrate the sweet life with her as often as you can.


Get into your swimwear ☺


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