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Special No. 22 ♥ SIDE VIEW

Special No. 22 ♥ SIDE VIEW

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 22 ♥ SIDE VIEW shows a seated woman from the front. She is looking sideways over her right shoulder. This minimalist work of art in One Line Art style can be easily combined with the other special editions.


Special Edition No. 22 SIDE VIEW will embellish that favorite place with an extra touch of pureness in the One Line Art style. All of the women in the special editions are among my favorite works of art. The woman in SIDE VIEW ♥ Special Edition No. 22 has also earned her place in this category. Welcome!



Special Edition No. 22 ♥ SIDE VIEW

"She just sees more"


With a sideways glance over her shoulder, Special Edition No. 22 SIDE VIEW opens herself up to new perspectives and sees new paths. Especially when many opinions and points of view arise, it is important to take a step back and look at things differently. Sometimes only then does a tiny spark of inspiration show up.


Change your perspective.


In life’s turbulent decision-making moments, in which the mind no longer knows what is right or wrong due to the sheer amount of information, Special Edition No. 22 shows you how beneficial a little SIDE VIEW of things can be.


Even if the times are very confusing occasionally: As soon as you take a step back and take a fresh look at the situation, a potentially tricky predicament suddenly appears in a whole new light. You see new paths.


Risk a glance to the side!


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