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Special No. 6 ♥ RAPUNZEL

Special No. 6 ♥ RAPUNZEL

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 6 ♥ RAPUNZEL shows a woman with a long plait on her back, in her left hand she is holding a yellow flower. This piece done in One Line Art can be easily combined with the other special editions. Among the special editions, you will find all my pieces that are particularly close to my heart.


Special Edition No. 6 ♥ RAPUNZEL stands for freedom. It works well in rooms where you want to create more space.


Freedom is a precious commodity. Without it, there is no real happiness. Special Edition No. 6 RAPUNZEL is free again after a long time in the tower. A yellow flower in her hand symbolizes the joy and ease of a free life.


Special Edition No. 6 ♥ RAPUNZEL

Free choice


We all get stuck in relationships or jobs that make us feel cramped at times. We then urgently need space for ourselves, more space for our own needs. We don't always take the liberty of stepping out of the tight corset. No. 6 RAPUNZEL has dared to go down the path to freedom and found her happiness in the process. It reminds us that we are always free to choose. We just have to take it.


Freedom is a gift


Special Edition No. 6 RAPUNZEL shows you how beautiful and full of joy it is to be in freedom. She advises you never to give up your independence lightly. Every day in freedom is a gift.


Enjoy your freedom!


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