Greeting cards

Sensual and of the highest quality. The ideal greeting card for all parents and mothers.

The seriesMOTHER AND CHILD No. 1-55 I created, not entirely unselfishly, on the occasion of the birth of my first child in summer 2020.

The folding card made of the finest, soft white, 300g / sqm Munken lynx rough paper was printed in extremely high quality and lovingly in Frankfurt am Main.
It comes with the matching, gold-lined envelope from Gustav Neuser. Visually and haptically a pleasure for both giver and recipient.


If you would like to give yourself a present, you can order the work of art in large format on high-quality canvas. The motif appears minimalist on canvas and emphasizes the intimate connection between mother and child. A timeless work of art!

Munken lynx rough 300g, soft white

coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick

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2-3 days for greeting cards and 7-10 days for canvases

Paper: 12x17 cm
Canvas: 30x30 cm, 40x50 cm, 60x90 cm

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