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Special No. 11 ♥ MOND_DAY

Special No. 11 ♥ MOND_DAY

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 11 ♥ MOON_DAY shows a woman in a pinafore with her hair in a bun, with one strap slipping over her right shoulder. This work of art in One Line Art style can easily be combined with the other Special Edition pieces.


Special Edition No. 11 MOON_DAY is ready for the big show. Bring this special work into your home if you love the magic of the moon.


Special Edition No. 11 MOON_DAY belongs to the Specials Editions. Only my favourite works of art make it into this category. Special No. 11 MOND_TAG sits on her special seat and looks longingly at the moon.


Special No. 11 ♥ MOON_DAY

Starry sky. A look at the full moon. We sense how important the universe is. And how mysterious.


Special No. 11 MOON_DAY sits at the window and can't help it. Attracted by the moonlight, she feels the longing for happiness and love.




Special No. 11 MOON_DAY reminds us of the longing in our heart. Happy stories with happy endings. Everyone needs a longing for themselves. In quiet moments she can point to the power of life again and again.


Even if the sky is incredibly high up and we can never reach the moon on foot in our lifetime, the magic of the moon is there and holds us tightly - only when we look at it and firmly believe in it.


Live your longing!



coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick

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30x40 cm, 40x40 cm, 40x50 cm

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