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Special No. 8 ♥ LICHTBLICK

Special No. 8 ♥ LICHTBLICK

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 8 LICHTBLICK shows a woman with a red hair bun and her right arm behind her head. This minimalist work of art in One Line Art style can be easily combined with any of the other special editions.

Special Edition No. 8 LICHTBLICK stands in a pose and shines. She enjoys being the center of attention. Her grace and beauty shine almost unearthly in the light. With Special Edition No. 8 LICHTBLICK you bring light and brightness into your home.

Only my favourite works of art can be found among the Specials Editions. One look at Special Edition No. 8 LICHTBLICK and my heart was immediately on fire. She shines so beautifully!

Special Edition No. 8 ♥ LICHTBLICK

We don't always want to be the center of attention. Often the second row and observing others are enough for us. But there are also the days in the front row. Days when everything is easy and that beautiful attitude towards life picks up speed.


We stand in the spotlight and enjoy the view in the mirror. We love everything we see in us and we want to show it.

Special No. 8 LICHTBLICK reminds you of your radiance. Enjoy your days in the spotlight and show yourself in all your beauty - from all sides. You are beautiful!

Stand in the spotlight!


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