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Special No. 7 ♥ LAVIA ROSE

Special No. 7 ♥ LAVIA ROSE

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 7 ♥ LAVIEENROSE shows a woman in a red swimsuit, her gaze tilted to the side from back to front, with a red hair bun. This minimalist work in One Line Art can be easily combined with the other works of art in the special editions.


"When he takes me in his arms,

he speaks to me very softly

I see life in pink «

-Edith Piaf-


Special Edition No. 7 LAVIEENROSE loves and sees pink. It beautifies all the places in your home where you want to celebrate love.


You can find my special favourite works among the specials editions. Special Edition No. 7 ♥ LAVIEENROSE is an absolute must. It finally brings love. There is nothing in the world that could be more important. Welcome!


Special No. 7 ♥ LA VIE EN ROSE


Swear to me everlasting love! We know this phrase is as useless as anything. And yet almost everyone has said it or at least thought of it. Behind this is our deep desire to hold onto that one love. To go through all the ups and downs in life with it.




Edith Piaf sings it with great passion. For her there is this one person who brings her the greatest happiness.


“You are it for me, I for you in life

You told me; you swore it for life. "



Special Edition No. 7 LAVIEENROSE looks at us and smiles blissfully. She found her love. She doesn't care where it goes or what others say. There is no plan B for them. This one happiness keeps them stuck and looks pink for as long as possible. In her red swimsuit, Special No. 7 LAVIEENROSE is a fiery appeal to celebrate the love in your life.




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