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Special No. 19 ♥ LA FILLE

Special No. 19 ♥ LA FILLE

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 19 LA FILLE shows a sitting woman from behind with long blond hair, gazing to the left side. The minimalist work of art on canvas in One Line Art style can be easily combined with the other Special Editions.


Special Edition No. 19 LA FILLE is looking forward to a special place in your home. This work of art with French flair is one of my Special Editions. The selection criteria for Special Editions are very simple. I must be very in love with my work of art. With Special Edition No. 19 ♥ LA FILLE, that was the case from the start. Welcome!


If Special Edition No. 19 LA FILLE had a longer title, it would read, “La Fille aux cheveux de lin”; meaning ‘the girl with the flax-blonde hair’. This early piece of mine was created in 2018; based on the world-famous composition of the same name by Claude Debussy.


Special Edition No. 19 ♥ LA FILLE

Pensive, the girl with the flax-blonde hair directs her gaze sideways. In harmony with oneself and the world, Special Edition No. 19 LA FILLE shows calm and happiness in simply being herself.




Moments just with yourself, in which everything around you fades away and only the moment can be felt, are particularly valuable. All distraction is far away  -  it is as if the soul is takeing advantage of this brief moment to quickly remind you what this life is actually about. About being yourself and living authentically - in harmony with yourself and the world around you.


Be in tune with yourself!


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