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Special No. 5 ♥ THOUGHT BLUE

Special No. 5 ♥ THOUGHT BLUE

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 5 THOUGHT BLUE shows a woman with a wide summer hat; there is a blue flower on the back of the hat. This minimalist work of art in One Line Art goes very well with the other women of the special editions.


Special Edition No. 5 THOUGHT BLUE is one of my special editions. In this category you will find my favourite works of art. No. 5 ♥ THOUGHT BLUE is included. She dreams to herself and infects all the other special editions with it. Welcome!


For Special Edition No. 5 THOUGHT BLUE, there are only thoughts in blue today. She dreams of going to heaven. Display this work of art in places in your home that are reserved for your dreams. Daydreaming is an art in itself. Children can still master this art with ease. Every day is a dream for them as soon as they determine it for themselves. If you are in the mood for a different world, you simply ignore the current one and instead bring colourful stories and adventures into your head.


Your head in the clouds


We adults usually have a harder time doing this. We often forget how great a dreamy day can be. Controlling nothing, not having to do anything, just looking at the sky and designing the world as it feels good.

Special Edition No. 5 THOUGHT BLUE brings us back to our dreams. She wants to see us with our head in the clouds. She asks us which worlds we would like to visit in this lifetime and asks us to just do it today. It is not difficult. A look out of the window at the sky. Think up a wonderful story and include pictures with it. Your very own THOUGHT BLUE is ready.


Dream your day!


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