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Special No. 14 ♥ SPRING

Special No. 14 SPRINGby JUDITH CLARA shows a woman with a red hair bun from behind, her head tilted to one side, holding a flower. This minimalist artwork on canvas inOne line art can be combined well with the other jewels of theSpecial offers.

Special No. 14 SPRING gives off the wonderful warm scent of the first days of spring. This work invites you to bring a first large helping of spring into your home. A huge bouquet of lilacs goes best with this.

Selected works of art by JUDITH CLARA belong in the Special Edition. Nobody could resist the fresh spring breeze from Special No. 14 SPRING. Welcome!

coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick

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30x40 cm, 40x40 cm

♥ Made with love♥

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Lilac scent

Special No. 14 SPRING immediately sneaks into the heart. It just takes the direct route through the nose. The first day of spring is always the most beautiful of all. As soon as the special scent of spring lightness wafts down the street, we know: Now the gravity of winter is over. The easy days are finally ahead of us. Days by the sea and on meadows. Days with our loved ones. And finally everything outside with the scent of lilac around us. We take a deep breath and the corners of our mouth land high up on the face. What a wonderful life. Thank you spring!!

Smell the spring!