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’I am No. 1 in the series WOMEN AND BOOKS ♥ What else would you like to know? I am actually completely immersed in my book right now.’

No. 1 WOMEN AND BOOKS from the new collection by JUDITH CLARA portrays a sitting (or standing), women reading a book from the side. In her left hand she is holding a red book. She is tilting her head gently towards it and is completely immersed in what she is reading. The minimalist piece No. 1 in ONE LINE ART style can be hung on its own or combined with the other women in the 9-piece series WOMEN AND BOOKS



Paper: 10x15cm and 30x40cm
Canvas: 40x50cm and 60x90cm


Canvas thickness: 3.5cm
• Resistant to fading
• 20.5 mil polyester-cotton blend canvas
• Hand stretched on solid wood frame
• Matte topcoat

Delivery within 14 days 


Concentration in the Here and Now

Image No. 1 presents herself fully focused and concentrated. Especially nowadays, when so many distractions and everything going on often prevents us from finding tranquillity, this piece inspires you to find your center. Directing attention completely on one thing and becoming one with it brings peace to both body and soul.

No. 1 in my series of images WOMEN AND BOOKS brings a kind of Zen meditation to your home. With piece No. 1 you focus your home on the most important goals in your life.

No matter where journey takes you: as soon as you follow a clear direction, you move step by step towards your conception of your best life. Piece No. 1 can be displayed in rooms where you want to remember to follow your life’s goals with concentration and clarity.