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»I'm No. 1 in the series WOMEN AND BOOKS What else do you want to know? Because right now I am very absorbed in my bookt…«

The No. 1 WOMEN AND BOOKS of the new series of works by JUDITH CLARA shows a seated or standing woman from the side from the front. She is holding a red book in her left hand. She holds her head slightly inclined towards the book, which she is reading deeply. The minimalist work of art No. 9 inn One line art can stand on its own or can be easily combined with the other women from the 9-part series WOMEN AND BOOKS.


Munken Lynx rough soft white, 300 g
coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick
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Paper: 10x15cm, 30x40cm
Canvas: 40x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 45x60 cm, 60x90 cm

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Work No. 1 in my new WOMEN AND BOOKS series gives your home a special touch in the One Line Art style.

No. 1 went public before all other works in the WOMEN AND BOOKS series. As the first she shows the calm and strength in being and the absolute concentration on the moment.

Concentration in the here and now

Work No. 1 is very concentrated and focused. Especially at this time, when the distraction and a lot of trappings often prevent us from calming down, the number 1 inspires you to find your center. To fully focus on one thing and to be absorbed in it brings the body and mind into calm.

The No. 1 in my series of works, WOMEN AND BOOKS, brings a kind of ZEN meditation into your home. With work no. 1 you focus your home on the essential goals in your life.

No matter where your journey is headed, once you have a clear direction, you move step by step towards your vision of your good life. You can place the No. 1 in rooms where you would like to remind yourself to pursue your goals in life in a focused and clear manner.

Go your way focused!