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Special No. 1 ♥ WOMAN WITH BLUE

Special No. 1 ♥ WOMAN WITH BLUE

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 1 WOMAN WITH BLUE shows a woman with a wide hat. She wears a light dress, her left hand reaching for her hat. The minimalist work of art done in One Line Art is available in two versions – one with a blue hat and one with a red hat. Both can be combined very well with all other special editions.


Special Edition No. 1 WOMAN WITH BLUE has style. She meets us gracefully and with a lot of poise. This work is my very first favourite work of art of the special editions. No. 1 WOMAN WITH BLUE enriches the group with her grace. Welcome!


Give your home an injection of French elegance with this special edition. When you see the WOMAN WITH BLUE, think of a field of lavender that she walks with her bare feet - gently and with natural grace.


Special Edition No. 1 ♥ WOMAN WITH BLUE - avec élégance

In the French film she would be the leading actress. The story around them is quickly told. An insurmountable obstacle, a determined heroine, a lot of turbulence and in the final credits of the film a WOMAN WITH BLUE, who walks with bare feet across a field and smiles relaxed at the camera.


C'est la vie


Every woman has these phases. She sees a face in the mirror that looks a bit pale and insecure. And then there are days when eyes flash in the mirror that everyone immediately falls in love with. The shoulders rise, the head goes up to the sky. The day can come. It doesn't matter what happens. You can be quite sure that you will master all challenges with your eyes closed. Best of all, you'll look great and stylish doing it.


Special No. 1 WOMAN WITH BLUE can do it easily. She has this way of not taking things that seriously. C'est la vie.


Soyez élégant aujourd'hui


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