Special No. 9 ♥ CAFÉ


JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 9 CAFÉ shows a woman from the side, holding a large cream-coloured mug in her hands with her head slightly tilted. The minimalist work of art in One Line Art style can be easily combined with your other favourites from the Special Editions.


Special Edition No. 9 CAFÉ brings concentration into your home. I only include my absolute favourite works in the Specials section. Special Edition No. 9 Café is one of them. She stands very calm and concentrated on her special spot. Welcome!




"She just needs a few moments to herself”.


With her first morning coffee, Special Edition No. 9 CAFÉ stands at the window and looks at the day. She enjoys her little coffee time waking up.


What is important to me?


Special Edition No. 9 CAFÉ strengthens rooms in your home in which you want to be alert and focused.


There are times when it can be very important to find your full concentration. It is the moments when life asks us to focus on the important questions.


Am I actually happy? What is important to me What do I really need to have a good life? What can I do without?


Find your concentration!