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Special No. 21 ♥ FLOWERWOMAN

Special No. 21 ♥ FLOWERWOMAN

JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 21 ♥ FLOWERWOMAN shows a woman in a dress from behind, wearing her hair in a bun and holding a flower in her left hand. The minimalist piece in One Line Art style can be easily combined with the other Special Editions from this collection.


Special Edition No. 21 FLOWERWOMAN brings a lively touch of flair into your home. This artwork on canvas is one of my special editions. Only the works of art closest to my heart make it into this category. Special Edition No. 21 ♥ FLOWERWOMAN is one of them. Welcome!


It’s a beautiful summer evening, the air is mild – perfect for a short walk in the evening sun. Special Edition No. 21 FLOWERWOMAN fits exactly into this romantic scene. She is completely in her element and is enjoying those special summer hours. She feels beautiful in her light dress and could go on walking forever. The little flower in her hand is from the meadow by the side of the road.


Special Edition No. 21 ♥ FLOWERWOMAN


Special Edition No. 21 FLOWERWOMAN brings you romance. A mild summer breeze, the sound of two glasses clinking together, the sigh of relief when all the recent worries fade away and taking it easy becomes the main priority.


A romantic break


A summer evening with FLOWERWOMAN by our side reminds us to celebrate life Hollywood style. Romantic breaks are important and cannot be replaced by anything. Everybody needs just such an evening to feel light as a feather every now and then, when the whole world is light and happy; in which your head and heart call out to you: “You are just great the way you are. Stay that way!


Be romantic!


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