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Special No. 3 ♥ BLUE SUMMER


Special Edition No. 3 ♥ BLUE SUMMER


JUDITH CLARA Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER shows a woman with a hair bun and a wide hat in a dress with a deep neckline, the edge in blue. Your head is tilted slightly. The minimalist work of art in One Line Art can be easily combined with the other specials from this edition.


With this Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER you beautify your favourite place at home with a statement for feminine strength and abundance. This work is one of my special editions. The selection criteria for this category are very simple. If I fall in love with one of my works of art, the way is free to become a special. I immediately fell in love with Frau Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER. Welcome!


Special Edition No. 3 ♥ BLUE SUMMER shows its abundance.


BLUE SUMMER presents itself in all its femininity. With the curves of her cleavage, she shows that she is present. The little blue accent stands for clarity. This female power works well in rooms in which you want to reinforce new phases of life. Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER supports you on new paths with an extra portion of strength.


Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER



"The only constant thing in life is change." This wisdom sums it up. In life, things are constantly changing around us. People come and go, work changes, you change. If you are stuck in phases of change, Special Edition No. 3 BLUE SUMMER will encourage you to continue your new path in a strong and present manner.


Without change, there is no development. You are the icing on the cake in life. In the middle of it all, change is a great challenge for many people. Fears and worries about whether everything will go well can be found in your mind. Then think about your strength. Remember similar times in your life and how easily you mastered them in the end. Just do it your way.


Change yourself!