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Special No. 15 ♥ BATHROOM

Special No. 15 BATHROOMby JUDITH CLARA shows a woman sitting from behind, her head tilted to one side, the right hand grasping her hair bun. This minimalist work on canvas inOne line art can be easily combined with the other works of artSpecial offers.

Special No. 15 BATHROOM enjoys her time with herself. It beautifies all the places in your home that you have reserved for yourself and your special time with yourself.

Selected favorites by JUDITH CLARA find their way into the Special Edition. There was no discussion about Special No. 15 BADEZIMMER, she is an essential part of it and enriches the group with her gentle manner. Her whole body smells so wonderfully of rose. Welcome!

coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick

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30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, 45x60 cm

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As soon as we take it, we feel how precious it is: our I-time. Special moments just with us are important to make room for the feel-good anchor in us.

Special No. 15 BATHROOM whispers to us not to forget our special me-times. Dive into the time-out with us and our body. Whether in a Turkish bath or with candlelight in the bathroom: just looking forward to the moment when we are just for ourselves and focus on our wellbeing is pure relaxation. The silence around us, the immersion in the scents of vanilla or rose, our breath deepens just at the thought. Special No. 15 BATHROOM ensures that we keep an eye on ourselves and our beautiful moments with a sense of security..

Take time for yourself today!