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The ART #being a child

„Wonderful! Adorable!“

"What do you find so adorable?" Asked Tommy.y.
"Me," said Pippi, satisfied..”

Judith Clara als Kind im Garten

When I was little, I always wanted the same thing. After school, go outside as early as possible, stuff as much chocolate as possible into me and read Pippi Longstocking.

Nothing stopped me from being with my head above the clouds from wasting the whole wonderful day and leaving the next school day completely in the morning. There were just so many more important things: Who can create heaven and hell in one go Can we build a secret cave in the bush that nobody else can find?et? 

In my head there were no duties
just the freestyle.

As far as the Judith there could have been, I wouldn't have been so incredibly shy. As a little Judith I was good and did exactly what was expected of me. Instead of chocolate after school, I did my homework for the next day straight away.

I could have imagined a wonderful Pippi life. A rotten old mansion, 2 loyal friends, 1 horse, 1 monkey and a father who is hardly at home but loves me like there is only one Pippi in the whole world.

When I saw Pippi on TV, I couldn't believe how beautifully she calculated her world by simply turning 2 x 3 into 4. One thing was already clear to me then:

»When I grow up,
I'm also like Pippi!«


I'm big today. And thanks to my parents and my wonderful little family, I stayed quite a bit small. Instead of chocolate, there are chips today as much as I want.

Pippi is still my role model. And I also know exactly why:



There is actually nothing that can stop Pippi. No matter how far the way, how hopeless the endeavor Pippi makes a thoughtful face that brightens up in seconds and the day's slogan escapes her mouth. Depending on their mood for adventure, Pippi then lets whole houses dance on her shoulders or shows adults in a different Pippi way who has to do what where and when. No matter how Pippi does things, she does them at full speed. Great Pippi!! 


At Pippi nothing is neat or tidy. Your socks don't match, your apron hangs down on one side, and your shoes have holes in it. Doesn't that bother Pippi at all. On the contrary. Pippi proudly displays her chaos. Your message: Don't bother with the looks. Your heart and how you cope with life these are the really important things in life.. 



Sitting around at home and waiting for something to happen. Not Pippi's thing. Life is exciting and as soon as Pippi opens the door of her Villa Kunterbunt, what feels like millions of new adventures tumble towards her. Most of the time, every story with Pippi starts in the head, only to be transformed into huge new stories with the right portion of Just Start. 



I could highlight so many other great qualities of Pippi. But the most beautiful thing for me is: Pippi is a girl. A turbulent and great, unorthodox, cool girl.


Is it all about being a child every day. 

Hey Pippi, I think you'd be proud of me. I love life just as stormily as you do. I've been a mother for a little while and now I'm doubly childish again. Why not! What would be the opposite of being an adultn? 

Do I have to be an adult when I am a mother?

Do I have to grow up at all? What if I let it be completely? 

What about all the tax returns and the other adult things. I let these questions sink in for days and find an answer..

Do the adult things as conscientiously as possible. Full of anticipation for being able to be a child afterwards. To just BE. Be me

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