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Blog start 2021

January 26, 2021 1 min read

Judith Clara am Schreibtisch

Hello, dear friends of JUDITH CLARA art,

there are times when new territory is in sight. The desire for a change. To an extension - a completion. That time is now! Since I've been a mother and my little family has been making me happy all the time, I've wanted to pass this happiness on. Not only in my art in the picture also in words!!

Judith Clara sitzt am Schreibtisch

What can you expect

A lot of me. Much of my life as an artist, as a minimalist, as a mother and as a happy family man with my two great men.

What do I wish for?

I'm excited and don't know if I can put the words on paper as happily as I draw my pictures. But also full of confidence that I will find another exciting access to myself and the world through the word.

Answers and comments on my blog posts that is what I want. Write to me if you are particularly concerned about a topic. Let me know how you guys like my blog..

where are you travelling to?

I am and will primarily remain an artist. I draw and that's what makes me happy. The words from 2021 are just the topping on the cake. They make everything even more beautiful. 


Judith Clara
Judith Clara

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May 10, 2021

Liebe Judith Clara,
Ich freue mich sehr auf deine Posts! Wie kam es zu dem Namem Judith Clara? Ist das dein Zweitname oder Nachname? Liebe Grüße und mach weiter so! VlG Maren

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I worry and I know one thing for sure: everyone has their own style. It's next to impossible to be without style.

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„Wonderful! Adorable!“
"What do you find so adorable?" Asked Tommy.y.
"Me," said Pippi, satisfied..”

When I was little, I always wanted the same thing. After school, go outside as early as possible, stuff as much chocolate as possible into me and read Pippi Longstocking.

Is it all about being a child every day. Do I have to grow up when I'm a mom Do I have to grow up at all What if I let it be completelyde? 

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