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And we both benefit because:
  • Your wealth is growing, prices can only go up
  • You buy cheaply, there are no middlemen or gallery owners
  • The effort is manageable and I didn't have to buy champagne to make a good impression at the vernissage, although most visitors to the exhibition just look and don't buy...

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About the artist

Judith Clara, Künstlerin, zeitgenössische Kunst aus einem Strich

Your roots are in Saarbrücken

Judith Clara was born in 1990 and grew up in Saarbrücken

As a musician, she went touring for 7 years

After studying piano at the Saarbrücken University of Music, she traveled the country for 7 years as a traveling musician

Since 2017 she has only been drawing from one line

During her time as a musician she discovered her love for one line art and in 2017/2018 she sat at the table every day for a winter and drew endless sketches out of one line. This work led her to specialize in the subject of women from a lineage. The first exhibition at Weingut Reck, Mommenheim was successful and the series "Women and wine" was born.

Since 2020, she's making money with her art

The series "Women and wine" became a success at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, first as postcards, then also small and large art prints, which she sold directly via Instagram and on www.judithclara.de. With this success and the birth of her first child in 2020, she ended her active career as a musician and has since devoted herself exclusively to art and the dispatch of art prints.