ABOUT Judith Clara

ABOUT Judith Clara - artist




What if art were banned tomorrow?

Then I would draw tomorrow!

– Judith Clara





Hi, my name is Judith Clara.

My pictures are created as a kind of self-care. A shape finds its way from my head onto paper in one stroke. The timeless concentration on the female form reveals life’s simplicity and essence to me in every picture. All my work is closely related to calmness, strength, feminine creation, and the happiness of being here.


In principle, I agree with what Joseph Beuys said: Everyone is an artist. Why not? How can something as beautiful as art be elitist? And why should only certain people enjoy the privilege of being able to express themselves artistically? What is art and who says that? For me, art is an opportunity to see things differently. Every person is unique and so are their thoughts about the world. Outside of the system, art functions without a function. Art cannot be put into words, so I could just stop writing now. But I won’t. I am myself and as such, I celebrate my style of art. My art expresses what my beautiful world feels like. If I could put art into words, this is what they’d be: JOY. BEAUTY. CLARITY.



What I do is tied to me. My work is more than just an act. Every minute here on Earth is precious. My heart exclaims: Don't waste any of them! Find your talent and discover what brings you joy. And then just do it!


»Actually no one should have a guilty conscience

for being happy.«

-Judith Clara -


I often rub my eyes. To feel joy, even if it is only a little thing that crosses one’s path - perhaps insignificant for others - they often mean the whole world to me. The joy gene arose throughout life over the years - often with turbulence and deprivation. Today I experience every day in gratitude and with trust that everything is just fine the way it is.



Can art be beautiful? Yes! I love the principle of balance. The lines in my pieces are organic and logical. The shape of the female body is drawn harmoniously. The women are concentrated within themselves. The female body - original beauty and the center of life. I would like every woman to see her own strength and to use this strength for a self-determined and happy life.

Forms of beauty

Every female body type is beautiful to me,
whether thinner, rounder or whatever.
- Judith Clara



Who are you? What do you want? Are these not the questions that keep us awake at night? How can you feel and see who you are when you so often distract yourself with things that have nothing to do with you? Find clarity by leaving things out. Find gratitude and humility in abundance in the void.



At the age of 4 was the first attempt to capture a cartoon character - a mouse - on paper. I stayed with it until I was happy with the mouse's face. I got older and switched to drawing women's faces.

At some point I was lacking the body, the wholeness. The facial expression.

I reduce a lot. I have noticed that I get more expression on paper with less line. I draw female bodies - sheet by sheet - I use an entire pad of paper each day. I don’t care. I have an idea in my head, and I keep repeating the drawing until what's in my head is on the paper.

A very simple and plain line - in serenity and concentration. Again and again, I had put the pencil to paper and the result was my first series,  WOMEN AND WINE. Every single piece is closely connected to me.



A drawing in one line without stopping or resting. A good 5 years ago, I discovered One Line Art and have known ever since then: This is mine. I never want to try anything else again. Concentrating on a single stroke makes me whole.